Spring Framework

This course introduces the Spring Framework, the leading full-stack framework for Java EE applications. Topics covered include the Spring container, dependency injection, data validation, aspect-oriented programming, the JDBC Template, and the Hibernate Template. A Web application is also presented to illustrate the use of the Spring Web MVC framework.

Course Curriculum

Spring Framework

  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Environment Setup
  • Hello World Example
  • IoC Containers
  • Bean Definition
  • Bean Scopes
  • Bean Life Cycle
  • Bean Post Processors
  • Bean Definition Inheritance
  • Dependency Injection
  • Injecting Inner Beans
  • Injecting Collection
  • Spring Beans Auto-Wiring
  • Annotation Based Configuration
  • Java Based Configuration
  • Event Handling in Spring
  • Custom Events in Spring
  • AOP with Spring Framework
  • Spring JDBC Framework
  • Transaction Management
  • Spring Web MVC Framework
  • Spring Logging with Log4J


  • Eclipse
  • Maven(Project Building Tool)
  • Apache Ant
  • JUnit

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