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Advanced Excel Training In Ahmedabad

Excel Classes & Advanced Excel Training In Ahmedabad

Do you want to handle Excel at a professional level? With the Advanced Excel training in Ahmedabad you will learn to handle one of the most used Microsoft tools in an advanced way. The basic knowledge of this software is, in many cases, insufficient when performing complex calculations that are required in many jobs. The ignorance of its multiple functionalities means that a performance of the tool is not taken if you do not have advanced knowledge.

Spreadsheets (commonly called Excel) are one of the most widely used tools in the world for sorting data and producing reports.


With Advanced Excel training in Ahmedabad, you will study various related materials such as Office and Computer Science, as well as tutorials and manuals.

So that you can train, you have at your disposal a wide variety of courses taught by Universities and online teaching platforms, in which you will have all the necessary materials and resources.

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What Prepares You For Advanced Excel Classes In Ahmedabad?

The Advanced Excel Course prepares you to take a quality leap in the use of this tool. You will master those functionalities that require advanced knowledge so that you will be able to enter and edit data more productively and to use pivot tables and macros. You will be able to generate graphs of the entered data of all kinds. In addition to familiarizing yourself with the Visual Basic editor.

The Advanced Excel Course is aimed at those people who have basic notions in the Microsoft spreadsheet tool, and want to raise their functional level. Also for those people whose work involves data management, that is, professions related to administration, accounting, finance, or consultants.

Professional Outings

Data management is a fairly widespread task in professions such as accounting, administration or finance, among others. The volume of data in these positions requires knowledge in their treatment of an expert level, so that the Advanced Excel Course in Ahmedabad is a complement and a differentiating element to access these positions.

  • Explain customization of the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Explain proofing and management of Add-ins
  • Describe built-in and custom templates in Excel
  • Explain importing and exporting of XML data in Excel
  • Describe worksheet protection and locking/unlocking of cells
  • Explain workbook protection, finalization, and encryption of workbook
  • Explain shared workbook and change tracking in a shared workbook
  • Explain the process of recovering unsaved versions of a file
  • Explain tracing of formula precedents and dependants
  • Explain Data Validation tool and checking common errors in a file
  • Explain iterative calculation and setting calculation precision
  • Describe the use of single cell and multi cell array formula
  • Explain SUMIFS (), COUNTIFS (), and basic counting functions
  • Describe Statistical and Financial functions
  • Describe Date and Time functions
  • Describe Text, Logical, and LookUp functions
  • Explain the importance of chart and the different types of chart
  • Explain modification of chart elements, chart area, plot area, and chart axes
  • Describe formatting of chart title, legend, and gridlines
  • Explain Trend lines and data series
  • Explain Dual axes and chart templates
  • Describe combination chart, error bars, and data tables
  • Explain conditional formatting of data using data bars, color scales, and icon sets
  • Explain Sparklines
  • Describe sorting and filtering of labels and values in a PivotTable Report
  • Describe the use slicer for a PivotTable
  • Explain creation of PivotChart Report
  • Explain changing of the chart type of a PivotChart Report
  • Explain Analysis Tool Pak
  • Explain single factor and two factor tool with and without replication
  • Describe Correlation and Covariance
  • Explain Exponential smoothing and F-Test two-sample for variances
  • Describe Histogram and moving average
  • Explain Random number generation and t-Test
  • Describe Goal seek and Solver for what-if analysis
  • Explain one-input and two-input data table and scenario
  • Explain creating and running a macro
  • Explain assigning macro to a command button
  • Explain creation of a custom macro button on the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Describe macro security
  • Describe Form controls
  • Apply Date, Time, Information and Data Type Conversion functions
  • Apply important financial functions
  • Apply ALL BASIC Formulas like(Sum,count,Average,Min,Max,find,if conditions, text functions)