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Laravel Training In Ahmedabad

Laravel Training In Ahmedabad

Laravel is the best PHP based framework that provides faster and secured development environment. It follows MVC architecture to offer standardized platform for making high performance website.

Laravel is Open source MVC Framework Written in PHP.

Laravel is used to create Website,Backend and Rest API.

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Step 1 – What do I need

Step 2 – Downloading Laravel

Step 3 – Configuring hosts

Step 4 – Setting up your VirtualHost

Step 5 – Restarting your web server and testing And that’s it!

Quick start: Creating your first web application

Step 1 – Database configuration

Step 2 – Creating the users table using migrations

Step 3 – Creating an Eloquent user model

Step 4 – Routing to a closure

Step 5 – Creating users with Eloquent

Step 6 – The users controller

Step 7 – Creating the users index view

Step 8 – Passing data from a controller to a view

Step 9 – Adding our dynamic content to the view

Step 10 – RESTful controllers

Step 11 – Creating a form for adding users

Step 12 – Routing POST requests to a controller action

Step 13 – Receiving form input and saving to the database

Step 14 – Creating links with the HTML helper

Step 15 – Deleting user records with Eloquent

Step 16 – Updating a user with Eloquent

Step 17 – Creating the update form with the form helper