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Node JS Training In Ahmedabad

Node.Js Course Training In Ahmedabad

Node Js is very well known technology for developers. It is an open source, cross platform runtime environment which is used to develop networking and server side applications. It is designed to build scalable server side and network applications. We often used it to develop backend services like API for web and mobile applications. Node Js brings an amazing event driven programming that enables development of fast webservers in Javascript.



Core Extrime  help you start your journey in becoming a professional Node expert with its most sought-after training program. The curriculum designed by industry experts and technology consultants is on par with what is trending right now and gives you an opportunity to concrete your basics to apply your skills and knowledge in the industry.

With Node Js Training in Ahmedabad –, you will master yourself in using different events, stream and modules. Moreover, you will get understanding on how to communicate with database and debug the applications. Our professional trainers will help you learn the latest Express application framework, designing cutting-edge web applications and more…

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Node js is a server technology that is used to design and develop a variety of web applications. The language is quite like other popular frameworks like Spring, ASP.NET or RoR. Learning Node js helps you get insights on how you can control web servers, design event-diagram programs, and various scripts for the web applications.

With Node js, you can develop social media apps, video and text chat engines, real-time tracking apps and more. Moreover, various popular online social media platforms like LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix etc. are leveraging from the power of Node.js.

The Objectives:

  • Learn why server-side JavaScript is useful
  • Install Node.js
  • Learn how Node.js is architected to allow high scalability with asynchronous code
  • Create basic web applications with Node.js
  • Automate tasks with Gulp
  • Build an HTTP server using the core modules in Node.js
  • Use stream I/O to efficiently serve the web pages
  • Create modules to organize the server
  • Test the reliability of the application with unit tests
  • Convert the application to an MVC framework using Express
  • Interface to a MongoDB database and a web service

Node JS Corse Introduction



  • The Node.js framework
  • Installing Node.js
  • Using Node.js to execute scripts


Node Projects

  • The Node Package Manager
  • Creating a project
  • The package.json configuration file
  • Global vs. local package installation



  • The HTTP protocol
  • Building an HTTP server
  • Rendering a response
  • Processing query strings
  • Using Representational State Transfer
  • Configuring TLS


 File System

  • Synchronous vs. asynchronous I/O
  • Path and directory operations
  • __dirname and __filename
  • Asynchronous file reads and writes


 Buffers, Streams, and Events

  • Using buffers for binary data
  • Flowing vs. non-flowing streams
  • Streaming I/O from files and other sources
  • Processing streams asynchronously
  • Configuring event handlers


 Modules and Unit Testing

  • Modularization
  • The CommonJS and RequireJS specifications
  • Defining modules with exports
  • Modules are singletons
  • Creating a package
  • Module scope and construction
  • Unit testing frameworks
  • What to test and how to test it
  • Building unit tests with Mocha



  • The model-view-controller pattern
  • Defining Jade and Handlebars templates
  • Building a front-end controller
  • Defining routes
  • Creating actions
  • Configuring Express to use Handlebars
  • Using REST
  • Reading POST data
  • Building Handlebars helpers
  • Adding middleware


 Data Sources

  • How Node.js connects to databases
  • RDBMS databases and NoSQL databases
  • Connecting to RDBMS and NoSQL databases
  • Performing CRUD operations
  • Building client requests to web services