Spring Boot Training in Ahmedabad

Unit 1: Introducing Spring Boot


About The Course

What is Spring Boot?

Spring and some of its problems

What Spring Boot gives us

Setting Up Development Environment


Creating a Spring Boot project

Starting a Spring Boot application

Spring Boot startup steps

Adding a REST Controller

Returning Objects From Controller

What’s Happening Here: Bill Of Materials

What’s Happening Here: Embedded Servlet Container

Unit 2: Spring MVC: The View Tier

How Spring MVC Works

The REST API we’ll build

Creating a business service

Getting a single resource

Creating a new resource using POST

Implementing Update and Delete

Unit 3: Booting Spring Boot

Unit Overview

Using Spring Initializr

Using Spring Boot CLI

Using the STS IDE

Using application properties

Unit 4: Spring Data JPA: The Data Tier

What is JPA?

Adding Spring Data JPA

Creating a Spring Data JPA Repository

Making Crud Operations with Repository

Adding Course APIs

Adding Entity Relationship and Extending Repository

Unit 5: Deployment and monitoring

Packaging and running a Spring Boot app

Spring Boot Actuator

Wrap Up

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