Course Curriculum


  • Welcome
  • What you should know

Getting started

  • Registering as an iphone developer
  • Installing the iphone sdk
  • Joining the apple iphone developer program
  • Buildin a simple iphone application
  • The four pillars of iphone application

Writing objective-c

  • Introducing objective-c
  • Oject orientation basics
  • Using existing classes in cocoa
  • Optional video format specifiers
  • Calling methods in objective-c
  • Writing your own classes
  • Compiling and running your application
  • Creating a simple objective – c project

Debugging and troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting your apllication
  • Creating and using breakpoints
  • Using zombies to fix problems

Table views

  • Creating simple table
  • Resuing table cells
  • Customizing the table
  • Customizing table view cells

Using the image picker

  • Understanding the image picker
  • Using the image picker
  • Checking for available image sources

Saving data

  • Options for saving data on the iphone
  • Saving iphone application data to property lists
  • Saving iphone application preferences

Finishing touches

  • Creating an application launch image
  • Creating an apllication icon
  • Introduction to instruments
  • Where to go from here

The tools

  • Using xcode
  • Using interface builder
  • Using the iphone simulator

Memory management

  • Introduction to memory management
  • Object lifetime
  • Cleaning up
  • Using autorelease pools

Core iphone project skills

  • Using the different iphone project templates
  • Using model-view-controller(mvc)
  • Basic interaction
  • Dismissing the keyboard
  • Understanding delegation
  • Alerting useer
  • How your apllication works

Using ui controls

  • Creating interfaces in interface builder
  • Using and customizing the picker
  • Using data sources
  • Selecting an item in the picker
  • Understanding and using the apple
    ui guidelines


  • Introduction to mutiple view applications
  • Creating a utility application
  • Using navigation controllers
  • Creating a navigation application
  • Using toolbar
  • Using a tabbar

Using the accelerometer

  • Accelerometer concepts
  • Switching orientation
  • Reacting to a shake event
  • Accessing accelerometer data

Animation and audio

  • Core animation basics
  • Using simple animations
  • Core audio basics
  • Playing audio files


  • Goodbye

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