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Autocad Training in Ahmedabad, Autocad classes in Gujarat

Corextrime gives 100% constant, real time, practical and placement assistance AutoCAD training in Ahmedabad. Our AutoCAD course thinks from essential dimension training to cutting edge level training. Our AutoCAD training in totally engaged to get placement in Ahmedabad and certiciation on AutoCAD after culmination of our course. Our team of AutoCAD are highly qualified AutoCAD experts and good experienced  with all the more continuous involvement in live projects. Our AutoCAD Course prospectus is sufficient for any individual who needs to get AutoCAD accreditation which meets industry desires.

We are completely providing AutoCAD training in Ahmedabad.Our AutoCAD training centre is furnished with ideal condition to learn with every required facilities. We control our AutoCAD training understudies to be an affirmed at end of our course for students. We are charging focused in the market which brings more AutoCAD specialized into this market. Our AutoCAD training course fee is very ostensible & normal which anybody can pay in portion premise too. Our AutoCAD training classes in Ahmedabad will be planned for normal weekdays and ends of the week dependent on the understudies demand. We do have quick track AutoCAD training and online AutoCAD training with coordinated premise.  Our Autocard training center from Ahmedabad is giving more AutoCAD training for corporates which workers of their organization will be benefits with our training.



  1. Getting Started with AutoCAD
  • Starting the Software
  • User Interface
  • Working with Commands
  • Cartesian Workspace
  • Opening an Existing Drawing File
  • Viewing Your Drawing
  • Saving Your Work
  1. Basic Drawing & Editing Commands
  • Drawing Lines
  • Erasing Objects
  • Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking
  • Drawing Rectangles
  • Drawing Circles
  • Undo and Redo Actions
  1. Projects- Creating a Simple Drawing
  • Create a Simple Drawing
  • Create Simple Shapes
  1. Drawing Precision in AutoCAD
  • Using Running Object Snaps
  • Using Object Snap Overrides
  • Polar Tracking at Angles
  • Object Snap Tracking
  • Drawing with Snap and Grid (Optional)
  1. Making Changes in Your Drawing
  • Selecting Objects for Editing
  • Moving Objects
  • Copying Objects
  • Rotating Objects
  • Scaling Objects
  • Mirroring Objects
  • Editing with Grips


  1. Projects- Making Your Drawings More Precise
  • Schematic Project: Electronics Diagram
  • Architectural Project: Landscape
  • Mechanical Project (with Polar & Tracking)
  • Mechanical Project: Surge Protector
  • Mechanical Project: Satellite
  1. Organizing your Drawing with Layers
  • Creating New Drawings with Templates
  • What are Layers?
  • Layer States
  • Changing an Object’s Layer
  1. Advanced Object Type
  • Drawing Arcs
  • Drawing Polylines
  • Editing Polylines
  • Drawing Polygons
  • Drawing Ellipses
  1. Getting Information from Your Drawing
  • Working with object Properties
  • Measuring Objects
  1. Projects – Drawing Organization & Information
  • Architectural Project
  • Mechanical Project
  • Civil Project


  1. Advanced Editing Commands
  • Trimming and Extending Objects
  • Sketching Objects
  • Creating Fillets and Chamfers
  • Offsetting Objects
  • Creating Arrays of Objects
  1. Inserting Blocks
  • What are Blocks?
  • Inserting Blocks
  • Working with Dynamic Blocks
  • Inserting Blocks with DesignCenter
  • Inserting Blocks with Content Explorer
  1. Projects- Creating More Complex Objects
  • Mechanical Project 1- Plate
  • Mechanical Project 2- Gasket
  • Mechanical Project 3- Plate
  • Mechanical Project 4- Rocker Arm
  • Architectural Project 1- Floor Plan
  • Architectural Project 2- Floor Plan
  • Civil Project- Parking Lot
  1. Setting Up a Layout
  • Printing Concepts
  • Working in Layouts
  • Copying Layouts
  • Creating Viewports
  • Guidelines for Layouts
  1. Printing Your Drawing
  • Printing Layouts
  • Printing from the Model Tab


  1. Projects- Preparing to Print
  • Mechanical Project
  • Architectural Project
  1. Text
  • Working with Annotations
  • Adding Text in a Drawing
  • Modifying Multiline Text
  • Formatting Multiline Text
  • Adding Notes with Leaders to Your Drawing
  • Creating Tables
  • Modifying Tables
  1. Hatching
  • Hatching
  • Editing Hatches
  1. Adding Dimensions
  • Dimensioning Concepts
  • Adding Linear Dimensions
  • Adding Radial & Angular Dimensions
  • Editing Dimensions


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